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Tobey Maguire Talks About "Seabiscuit"

Tobey Maguire at the World Premiere of
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"Seabiscuit" is the true story of how a horse who was the most unlikely champion became a national hero during the time of the Great Depression. Passed over as being too small, too lazy, unmotivated, and a loser, Seabiscuit's rise to glory was a story that captured the attention of America during a time when everyone needed something inspirational to believe in.

Based on the best-selling book by Laura Hillenbrand, writer/director Gary Ross adapted the movie with his "Pleasantville" star Tobey Maguire in mind to play Seabiscuit's jockey, Johnny 'Red' Pollard. The real Red Pollard lived a hard life and Ross saw many similarities between Pollard and Maguire. "I knew Tobey. He has lived a difficult life and I knew he had a fire in him - a complexity and an innate toughness," explained Ross, adding, "I think Tobey is immensely talented and I love working with him. He is street-smart and yet there is an incredible kind of compassion and wisdom in him. There is an understanding and a generosity of spirit that he has for his friends and loved ones that is very touching. And those were a lot of the contradictions that I saw in the character of Red Pollard."

TOBEY MAGUIRE ('Red Pollard')

Had you been around horses and racetracks much prior to making "Seabiscuit?"
I used to go to the track when I was a kid all the time in California. I've been to Hollywood Park and Del Mar and Santa Anita. I bet on the ponies.

How difficult was it to portray a jockey?
It was a lot of work. I could never do it the way the jockeys do it but I worked with Chris McCarron who worked on this picture - a recently retired Hall of Fame jockey - he trained me so I had a good start but you can't really be prepared for what it's like to be on a thoroughbred driving towards the finish line on the homestretch at Santa Anita. I think being in a race is so exciting.

So you enjoyed your time on the horses?
It was awesome.

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  • "Seabiscuit" Photo Gallery
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