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"Legally Blonde" Movie Review

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Do blondes have more fun? They may - or they may not - but in "Legally Blonde," Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) does her best to prove there's much more to blondes than their hair color. As a lifelong brunette (and proud of it), I have to admit that I've always believed there has to be at least some truth behind all the blonde stereotypes. I once had a blonde roommate who thought Truman Capote was a U.S. President, and who mistook her own reflection in our living room window as a peeping tom; the "dumb blonde" stereotype has proven itself to be valid more than once. In "Legally Blonde," the dumb blonde stereotype is poked fun at, while the film does its best to help dismantle some "blonde" misperceptions.

Elle epitomizes the California girl. She's blonde, beautiful, and popular, with the added bonus of being rich. She's the Homecoming Queen and President of her sorority - the girl every female on campus wants to be, and every male on campus wants to date. Nevertheless, her heart belongs to only one man, Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis). She's madly in love and hoping that before he goes off to Harvard, he'll finally pop the question. But life isn't a fairytale, and there isn't a happily-ever-after ending to this love affair. Warner has ambitions of his own, including graduating from Harvard and going on to become a Senator. He explains to Elle over dinner out at a classy restaurant that he needs someone more respectable, more serious, and less blonde.

After being ungraciously dumped, she slides into a funk watching TV, eating bon bons, and not even having the energy to condition her hair (in Sororityville, that's unbelievably serious). Then the idea hits her. In order to win back Warner, she'll have to become what he needs. And what she believes he needs is a law student.

Armed with a score of 179 on her LSAT, and with a video produced by "a Coppola," Elle gains admission to Harvard Law School, where her signature color of pink stands out amidst the blacks, grays, and otherwise drab clothing color choices of her fellow students. Not only does she show up on campus looking as Hollywood as possible, she also packs along her dog Bruiser, a charming Chihuahua, whose wardrobe rivals her own. Elle and Bruiser are the objects of disdain on campus, and even Warner seems decidedly uneasy to see her. Of course, it could just be that he's already hooked up with an ex-girlfriend, and seeing Elle has placed him in a very uncomfortable position. Elle's rival for the love of Warner is Vivian (Selma Blair), a haughty brunette with her nose turned up so high, she's lucky it's not the rainy season. Not only have Warner and Vivian resumed dating, they've also become engaged and she's sporting a flashy diamond ring. Elle's new challenge - make Warner dump the brunette and place that huge rock on her own finger.

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