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"Beautiful Girls" Movie Review
Commitments, Reunions, and Beautiful Women

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I selected this week's pick of videos to watch for no particular reason other than the fact that it's one of those movies I can watch repeatedly without getting bored. Some of the lines and scenes in this film are so real, and the dialogue is so riveting, that it's hard to not fall for this romantic drama. "Beautiful Girls" also has the benefit of a great cast of lead and supporting players, handling the lines with strength and passion.

Willie, Tommy, Paul and Michael - a group of longtime friends - return to their hometown to celebrate their 10-year high school reunion. Willie returns home torn between giving up his dream of music for the reality of earning a living. He's also struggling with making a commitment to his girlfriend, Tracy. Tommy has a loving girlfriend, Sharon, but can't seem to keep his hands off of married ex-high school girlfriend, Darian. Paul loves Jan but is going about forging a lasting relationship using all the wrong tactics. Michael is the only one who has conquered the fear of marriage. Together again, the four friends wrestle with life, love, and the battle to understand beautiful women.

Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, Michael Rapaport, and Noah Emmerich give outstanding performances as the four buddies learning to grow up and accept adult responsibilities. Annabeth Gish, Mira Sorvino, Lauren Holly, and Martha Plimpton are wonderful as the women in their lives. Notable amongst the supporting cast is a young Natalie Portman. Her character Marty delivers some amazing lines and Portman does an absolutely incredible job as a 13-year-old girl who is mature way beyond her years.

Director: Ted Demme
Producers: Bob & Harvey Weinstein
Screenplay: Scott Rosenberg
Cinematographer: Adam Kimmel
Film Editor: Jeffrey Wolf
Production Design: Dan Davis
Casting: Margery Simkin
Set Decoration: Tracey A. Doyle
Original Music: David A. Stewart
Costume Design: Lucy Corrigan

Tommy Rowland - Matt Dillon
Andera - Uma Thurman
Sharon Cassidy - Mira Sorvino
Tracy Stover - Annabeth Gish
Willie Conway - Timothy Hutton
Darian Smalls - Lauren Holly
Marty - Natalie Portman
Michael Morris - Noah Emmerich
Gina - Rosie O'Donnell
Jan - Martha Plimpton
Paul - Michael Rapaport
Kev - Max Perlich
Bobby - David Arquette
Dick - Richard Bright

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