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"Legally Blonde" - Movie Premiere Interviews

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Does being blonde make a difference?
For this movie it does - I got the part (laughing).

Do people take the "blonde" stereotype seriously?
I think so, definitely. And also being an actress, and being blonde, I think people think that actresses aren't that smart either.

What will this movie do for that stereotype?
I think it will pretty much blow that out of the water. This movie has such a great script. You feel like it's so fun, it really pulls you in, and then at the end you get this great message about not looking at people and thinking you know everything about them from the way they dress.

Did going to Stanford help you out with this role?
Yes, it got me into the spirit of the collegiate activities and reminded me a lot of being in those tiny, little dorm rooms.

What was working with the sororities at USC like?
It was great. I went and visited with sororities at USC to do some research on this role. It was great getting the rhythm of their speech, the way they talked, the words they used, and it was so helpful. Anytime there were spaces in the movie where we were just hanging out and being girlie, it just helped so much to know what they were like and what they'd do.

How did you get so thin after the birth of your daughter?
I worked really hard on that. I exercised a lot to get in shape for this part. I was terrified I had to wear a bathing suit in this film, so I had to get in shape.

What do you and Ryan do for fun?
We hang out, watch a lot of movies at home, and eat pizza.

Will there be a movie with you and Ryan together in the future?
Maybe, it's definitely something we are thinking about.

TANE McCLURE (Elle's mom)

On her outfit for the evening:
Tane couldn't recall who made her dress, however she did have a word or two to say about her shoes. “They're very expensive and painful. It's very painful to be beautiful - why is that?

Will the shoes be forcing her to leave the party early?
No way! The whole reason to be an actress is to go to premieres, go to parties, and drink wine and champagne.

Are you a natural blonde?
After a dramatic pause and a chuckle the answer was yes (with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

When did you start coloring your hair?
I'm going to date myself with this answer. I started with that spray on stuff, must have been when I was 11 or so. I wanted to be a blonde because they had all the fun - at least that's what I thought. I recently played a brunette in a movie called "Fatal Kiss" - a really cute little movie. I played a vampire and wore this fabulous brunette wig and I'm telling you, I felt very, very sexy. Everybody treats you differently as a brunette, there is no doubt about it.

What effect did wearing the wig have on people?
We went for a coffee break at Starbucks and I left the outfit and the brunette wig on. I go in and I'm thinking nobody is noticing me, but they notice you in a different way. The guys check you out in a more mature fashion. When you walk in as a blonde it's like (delivered in a perfect Valley Girl accent) ooooooooh, and people think that you're not bright. I tell people "hey look darling, I'm a brunette underneath all this so watch out."

Thoughts on "Legally Blonde:"
I had a really good time playing Reese's mom. It was a blast. She's great to work with, and a beautiful woman. She's great - I have to tell you I had to give her many spankings. Kidding, she's actually more grown-up than me! I'm very quirky and much more blonde.

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