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This Week's Selection: "RETURN TO ME"

"A comedy straight from the heart"

The entertainment industry and television/movie fans are mourning the loss of the multi-talented lovable curmudgeon, Carroll O'Connor. As a tribute to Carroll O'Connor's passing, this week's video pick is his last film - the romantic comedy, Return to Me.

David Duchovny stars as Bob Rueland, a Chicago building contractor, who is widowed when his wife (a veterinarian at the zoo) is tragically killed in an auto accident. Minnie Driver is Grace Briggs, a woman with a life-threatening heart problem who receives a donor heart. Grace's friends and family (played by Carroll O'Connor, Bonnie Hunt, Robert Loggia, and James Belushi) are overjoyed with her recovery and set about fixing her up with Bob. Little does anyone know that Grace's new heart was once Bob's wife's.

The movie is a heartwarming tale of love and fate. Duchovny and Driver are wonderful as the couple whose lives intertwine dramatically. David Alan Grier plays the role of Bob's best friend so well that you wish you had a friend just like him. The rest of the supporting cast create a feeling of warmth and love that transcends their co-starring roles. This is one film that leaves you with a smile on your face, and feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Released in April 2000, this was rated PG for language and thematic elements.

Directed by: Bonnie Hunt
Produced by: Melanie Green & C.O. Erickson
Screenplay by: Bonnie Hunt, Andrew Stern, Don Lake & Samantha Goodman
Cinematographer: Laszlo Kovacs
Film Editing by: Garth Craven
Original Music: Nicholas Pike
Production Designer: Brent Thomas
Costume Designer: Lis Bothwell

Grace - Minne Driver
Bob - David Duchovny
Charlie - David Alan Grier
Megan - Bonnie Hunt
Marty - Carroll O'Connor
Angelo - Robert Loggia
Joe - James Belushi
Elizabeth - Joely Richardson

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