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"Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" Movie Premiere - Interviews with Caitlin Wachs and Allison Bertolino
by Rebecca Murray

Photo©Rebecca Murray - All Rights Reserved.

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• Angus MacFadyen (Conner) and David Lee Smith (Younger Shep)

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What was it like playing the younger version of Ashley Judd?
It was so much fun. Ashley Judd - I know she's adorable on TV and she looks the nicest person in the world - but she's 1,000 times nicer. She's just so nice, so sweet and so confident. When I was meeting her, I met her dog Buttermilk. I remember reading the script and thinking I could see her talking like this - I could really see it.

Did she give you any tips on playing the younger version of her?
Both Ashley and Ellen, I met them before [we filmed]. I went over to Ellen's house and we had lunch together and hung out. We were all doing different characteristics that were kind of alike. We all watched one another talk and Ellen taped all of us. There were things like, if Ashley said one thing she might do a certain thing with her hands. So then, if we were talking the same kind of way, we might do the same kind of [movement].

Were you really conscious of that while you were acting?
When we rehearsed it I was kind of self-conscious a little bit about it. The more and more I worked on my character, the more I thought, "You know what? Vivi's free and that's where all this stuff comes from, so I need to be free when I play her."

How hard was it to do a Southern accent?
Not that hard. I did it in "My Dog Skip" so I was used to playing Southern. Once I had to do it, it was easy. All my friends and I, we put on plays. I have this little 3 ½ year-old brother that I'm always making be a pirate and I have this cockney accent going on. My friends and I will do an English accent and then they'll be like, "Do that Southern accent thing." We have to make movies sometimes for our classes, instead of doing an essay, we have to make a movie about it.

Are you attending a regular school?
Yeah. I go to regular school so my friends are always like, "Be in my group!" when we're having to put on accents and stuff.

What do your friends think about you getting to play a younger version Ashley Judd and being in a movie with all these people?
"I hate you! You're so annoying! How come you get to be with Ashley Judd?" (laughing) My friends are really happy and proud of me. They've seen me on things and they're like, "Oh my God! I know you!" My friends will be like, "I saw you throw that plate at that guy. What was it?" So then I have to explain how it worked.

What's next for you?
Right now I'm working on a TV show called "Family Affair."

That's for the WB?
Right. I play Sissy and then we have Tim Curry in it and Gary Cole. That's really what I'm doing now. I'm just looking for things and keeping my ears open.

Ashley Judd and Allison Bertolino in "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood."
Photo ©Warner Bros. Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


What was it like playing the younger version of Sandra Bullock?
It was such an honor. I was so proud of myself that I landed this part.

Had you met her prior to this?
I didn't know her throughout the whole filming but then on the last day of filming, I went down to meet her. I wanted to meet her and she wanted to meet me so we kind of spent the day [together] when she was filming. They'd cut and we'd sit together and we'd talk.

Did you know anything about the book before you got the role?
I didn't even know there was a book (giggling) but then they told me. Some of my teachers had read the book and I told them I was trying out for that. They said I needed to go read the book. I bought it when I knew that I was going to be part of it and it was amazing.

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Photos from the Premiere

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