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This Week's Selection: "BOUNCE"

This week's choice has just been released on video and DVD. If you didn't get a chance to catch this one in the theatre, then be sure to pick it up at your local video store. Bounce stars Academy Award winners Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow, and features a talented supporting cast that includes Tony Goldwyn and Natasha Henstridge. Gwyneth, as recently widowed Abby Janello, proves she can cry with the best of them in this film about an advertising executive, Buddy (Affleck), who tries to make amends for unwittingly causing a family to lose their father and husband in a fiery plane crash.

Buddy makes friends with fellow travelers, Greg (Goldwyn) and Mimi (Henstridge), in an airport bar as they wait out bad weather and cancelled flights. Buddy is the only one of the three whose flight is going to leave that night. Being the womanizing flirt that he is, Buddy decides to pass up his flight home, giving his ticket to Greg, and instead spends the night with Mimi in an airport hotel room. The flight Buddy was supposed to have been on crashes and all 200+ passengers and crew are killed. It's all too much for Buddy as he spins out of control and lands in a rehab clinic. One year later, clean and sober, he emerges and decides to seek out Greg's wife and family. Buddy finds himself falling in love with Abby, and has to face the dilemma of when to tell her about his involvement with Greg's fatal flight.

The movie also features a subplot involving Buddy's advertising company's relationship with the airline involved in the tragic crash. Does Buddy have the moral fortitude to stand up for the crash victims and an airline employee, or will he cave in and toe the company line? Buddy's strength of character - which in the beginning of the film is highly suspect - is put to the test through his developing relationship with Greg's family, and his dealings with the airline's choice of ad campaigns and their sordid legal maneuvering.

Affleck and Paltrow's friendship off-screen is evident in the way they relate to each other on-screen in this film. Bounce screenwriter/director Don Roos wrote a believable script and did a great job of allowing the two actors to humanize their characters without going overboard. The DVD version of Bounce includes out-takes, a music video of "Need to Be Next to You," along with deleted scenes and commentary by Roos, Affleck, Paltrow, and producer Bobby Cohen. As an added bonus, Paltrow and Affleck go behind-the-scenes and interview crewmembers who aren't usually included in the "making of" segments. Affleck and Paltrow sparkle when dealing one-on-one with the crew. Their genuine love of filmmaking shines through in these candid moments.

Rated PG-13
106 Minutes

"Bounce" Crew

Directed by: Don Roos
Produced by: Steve Golin and Michael Besman
Screenplay by: Don Roos

"Bounce" Cast

Buddy Amaral - Ben Affleck
Abby Janello - Gwyneth Paltrow
Greg Janello - Tony Goldwyn
Mimi - Natasha Henstridge
Scott Janello - Alex D. Linz
Joey Janello -David Dorfman
Jim Willer - Joe Morton
Seth - Johnny Galecki
Janice Guerrero - Jennifer Grey
Mandel - David Paymer

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