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Daniel Cosgrove and Emily Rutherfurd Talk About "National Lampoon's Van Wilder"
by Rebecca Murray

Daniel Cosgrove at the Premiere of "National Lampoon's Van Wilder."
Photo ©Rebecca Murray. All Rights Reserved.

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Can you describe your character?
He walks a fine line between sanity and insanity. He tries to come off as very cool, but everyone else sees him as a total [jerk].

Is this type of humor close to your own?
In some ways, yes (laughing). Am I that gross? I suppose I can be found guilty of finding the humor in it.

What was it like on the set?
I think everyone had a great time on it. We had about seven weeks of filming and it was just one party. Everyone came prepared and just had a lot of fun. Sometimes we would do one take and then Walt (Becker, the director) would say, “Let's blow this one out of the water and bring it up way over the top.” We'd do something like that, something crazy. Some of those crazy takes made the movie.

And some will make the DVD.
Oh Lord! I'm worried now (laughing).


In this film you play the girl who's after Tara's boyfriend, Richard Bagg (played by Daniel Cosgrove). How would you describe the character?
She's sort of a psychotic cheerleader, maybe Martha Stewart on acid, something like that. She's not quite so much Martha Stewart but she just really wants to do everything right.

What was it like working on this film?
We had a really good time - good people, good fun. It was definitely fast-paced. We just went in and shot it right out. I was only there for probably six days.

Does gross-out comedy reflect your sense of humor?
I would laugh at it but I don't know if I would… I'm not asking my grandmother to come see it. She probably will anyway, and she'll laugh.

What's next for you?
I don't know, I'm still on hold for “The Ellen Show.” We hear in May for next Fall so I'm just sort of in limbo right now waiting to find out.

Are they weighing more toward bringing it back?
I think what they are deciding is whether or not they can come up with a few other comedies to create a new night of comedy. It was floating by itself on Friday nights and that wasn't the ideal night for it. Hopefully they can create another night and fit it right in.

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Photos from the Premiere

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