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New Theatrical
Romantic Releases:

"Dragonfly" and
"Queen of the Damned"

Synopsis - "Dragonfly"
When someone you love dies, are they gone forever?

As head of emergency services for Chicago Memorial Hospital, Dr. Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) is a respected expert in trauma and triage. But his professional knowledge provides little comfort when tragedy claims the life of his wife. A doctor herself, Emily Darrow (Susanna Thompson) was on a medical mercy mission when she died in a bus accident on a remote mountain road in Venezuela.

Reminders of Emily are everywhere, among them images of dragonflies, her personal totem because of a birthmark on her shoulder. And then there are Emily's former patients in the pediatric oncology ward. Joe promised to look in on them when Emily left for Venezuela, and now finds that they offer a surprising link to her. To the kids, Darrow is not a burned-out E.R. doc, but rather 'Emily's Joe.' And as some of these young patients survive near-death experiences, Joe begins to believe that Emily is trying to communicate with him from the other side. While Joe's co-workers and friends worry about his mental stability, Joe comes to realize that he must draw on faith - rather than fact - for answers to his questions.

Release Date: February 22, 2002
Directed By: Tom Shadyac
Screenwriters: David Seltzer and Brandon Camp & Mike Thompson
Producers: Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Mark Johnson, and Tom Shadyac
Cinematographer: Dean Semler
Film Editor: Don Zimmerman
Production Designer: Linda DeScenna
Art Director: Jim Nedza
Casting Directors: Elizabeth Marx and Debra Zane
Costume Designer: Judy Ruskin Howell
Original Music: John Debney
Starring: Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates, Joe Morton, Linda Hunt, Ron Rifkin, Susanna Thompson, and Matt Craven Rating: PG-13 for thematic material and mild sensuality.
Official Site: "Dragonfly"
Photos: Premiere Photos
Interviews: Interviews from the Premiere

Synopsis - "Queen of the Damned"
Legendary Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend) has risen from a decades-long slumber, determined to step out into the light. No longer content with being banished to the shadows, moving among mortals who never truly see him for what he is, Lestat has reinvented himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a rock star.

The intoxicating lure of his music has snaked its way around the globe, ultimately finding the ear of the slumbering ancient Queen Akasha (Aaliyah) in her crypt beneath the Arctic ice. Mother of all Vampires, Akasha has been resting for centuries, waiting for the right time to rise again and seize dominion over the world. Lestatís music is the revelation she has been waiting for, and she desires that he rule beside her.

But can Akasha be stopped? Her malevolent power may be too great for even the most ancient of the immortal Vampires to combat - she created them, and their survival depends on her own.

Release Date: February 22, 2002
Directed By: Michael Rymer
Screenwriters: Scott Abbott and Michael Petroni, based on "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice
Producer: Jorge Saralegui
Cinematographer: Ian Baker
Film Editor: Dany Cooper
Production Designer: Graham Walker
Art Director: Tom Nursey
Set Decorator: Brian Dusting
Casting Directors: Greg Apps and Kristy Sager
Costume Designer: Angus Strathie
Original Music: Jonathan H. Davis and Richard Gibbs
Starring: Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah, Marguerite Moreau, Vincent Perez, Paul McGann and Lena Olin
Rating: R for vampire violence.
Official Site: "Queen of the Damned"
Photos: Gallery of Publicity Stills
Music: Soundtrack Information
Interview: Marguerite Moreau Interview


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