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Weddings and Records - Jennifer is Everywhere
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Red-hot Jennifer Lopez and hunky Matthew McConaughey star in the romantic comedy, "The Wedding Planner." Jennifer takes on the title role as a wedding planner who can plan the perfect wedding for everyone but herself. Matthew is the future husband-to-be of a very rich, very influential customer who hires Jennifer to plan an extraordinary wedding.

"The Wedding Planner" is a bit of fluff, but fluff can be entertaining taken in light doses. The movie takes us from a brief glimpse at Jennifer's character's childhood, to her present as an obsessive, workaholic wedding planner. Desperately wanting a partnership in the wedding planning firm she works for, she seeks out the business of an ultra rich couple, enter Bridgette Wilson Sampras and Matthew McConaughey. The movie progresses pretty predictably from there, with a few laughs thrown in, though not as many, or as witty, as you'd hope for or expect. If you are willing to forget about previous movies with a similar theme, and if you are willing to just relax, not try to analyze the film, while keeping in mind it's only entertainment, then this movie isn't that bad. True romance movie fans will probably enjoy this film, if for no other reason than Matthew seems to be in his element and he and Jennifer play well off of each other.

Critics may not be praising the film, but Jennifer has certainly been getting attention for her recording breaking efforts. She made history with the premiere of "The Wedding Planner" and the release of her self-titled CD "J. Lo." "The Wedding Planner" debuted at #1 at the Box Office for the weekend of January 29, 2001, while her CD also debuted at #1, moving more than 272,000 units during it's first week of release.

Overall Grade: C+

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Directed by: Adam Shankman
Produced by: Meg Ryan, Guy East and Nina Sadowsky
Screenplay by: Pamela Falk and Michael Ellis
Cinematographer: Julio Macat
Film Editing by: Lisa Zeno Churgin
Original Music: Mervyn Warren
Production Designer: Bob Ziembicki
Casting: Mary Artz and Barbara Cohen
Costume Designer: Pamela Withers

Mary Fiore - Jennifer Lopez
Dr. Steven James Edison - Matthew McConaughey
Frannie - Bridgette Wilson Sampras
Massimo - Justin Chambers
Penny - Judy Greer
Salvatore - Alex Rocco
John Robert Donolly - Charles Kimbrough
Dr. John Dojny - Kevin Pollak
Basil St. Mosely - Fred Willard
Burt Weinberg - Lou Myers
Dottie - Frances Bay
Geri - Kathy Najimy

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