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Tonic Films Acquires Rights to Karl Edward Wagner's "Death Angel's Shadow"

By Lauren Moews' Tonic Films

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 10, 2004 - Producer Lauren Moews' Tonic Films has acquired "Death Angel's Shadow," a collection of three short stories which features fantasy author Karl Edward Wagner's immortal anti-hero KANE. The deal was brokered by Moews for Tonic Films and by the Intellectual Property Group on behalf of the Pimlico Agency of New York.

Moews has green-lit a film based upon "Reflections for the Winter of My Soul," which is the first of three short stories comprising "Death Angel's Shadow." The other two short stories, "Cold Light" and "Mirage," are waiting in the wings to be developed into a possible KANE franchise for Tonic Films.

"The character of KANE is the embodiment of evil you cannot help but root for. KANE is the perfect anti-hero and 'Death Angel's Shadow' has all the makings of an enormously successful horror franchise," says Moews. "As one reviewer said, 'KANE is to most fantasy as Jack the Ripper is to Disney characters,'" adds Moews.

Karl Edward Wagner's anti-hero KANE will finally take the leap off the pages of "Death Angel's Shadow" and onto the big screen more than 30 years after its first printing. Wagner is credited by many with creating the "dark fantasy" genre in literature. "Death Angel's Shadow" features KANE, the Gothic anti-hero, an immortal who treks his world in three short stories where he encounters the werewolf's lair, the vampire's nest and ultimately the death angel's shadow.

In November 2003 Moews was nominated for the Producer's Award for outstanding achievement for a body of work by the IFP, with the winner to be announced at the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards on February 28th. Most recently, she produced the acclaimed indie horror film "Cabin Fever" which was released by Lions Gate and was their biggest hit of the year, grossing $22 million domestically.

Tonic Films was formed in 1999 by Lauren Moews and Dean Masserman. Tonic Films is a motion picture production company committed to producing innovative low budget stories to compete with studio theatrical releases. Tonic Films is also developing cutting-edge television programming for network and cable broadcast.

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