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"13 Going on 30" Movie Trailer

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13 Going on 30 Jennifer Garner

Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner in "13 Going on 30."

Sony Pictures

"13 Going on 30" Movie Trailer

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo star in "13 Going on 30," a strange coming of age romantic comedy. On the eve of her 13th birthday, all Jenna Rink wants is to be pretty and popular. After a humiliating experience with the coolest boy in school, Jenna makes a desperate wish for a new life. Miraculously her wish comes true, but with one catch... it's 17 years later and she's a 13-year-old trapped inside her 30-year-old body.
Okay, the trailer looks absolutely adorable. Not ground-breaking, thought-provoking or deep, just fun.
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