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Interview with Luke Mably

From "The Prince & Me"


Prince and Me Luke Mably

Luke Mably stars in "The Prince & Me."

Paramount Pictures
Thinking back, what’s your favorite memory from shooting "The Prince & Me?"
Lots of it. There was so much to do in the movie, but I really enjoyed doing the stuff with Julia. I really miss seeing her face every day. I think she’s a really special actress, a very exciting actress to work with. She’s very committed to her work. I think she’s in it for the right reasons. She laughs at herself and laughs at the situation that you’re in as an actor in a movie. It’s good to have that – and she’s straight down-to-earth. In this industry, it’s very important to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously. I think it’s a healthy way of approaching it.

What’s next for you?
I just finished a movie called “Colour Me Kubrick,” which is based around a true story set in London in 1994. And it’s about a man called Alan Conway who used to go around pretending to be Stanley Kubrick, the film director. He was like a conman. He lived on a diet of pills and alcohol and his accounts were all flat. He was always manipulating the system. He’d go up to one person or another – he’d meet people in bars, etc. – and he’d say, “You know, I think you’re wonderful. I’d like for you to be in my movie. I’ll pay you millions of pounds.” And people would fall for this and he’d take privileges off of them, and spend their money. He conned one person after the next after the next. And John Malkovich plays this character. I play one of the victims. So I got to do all of my scenes were with John Malkovich.

That must have been pretty incredible.
It was, it was a pretty incredible experience. You know, he’s been one of my favorite actors for a long time, let alone getting a chance to work with him. And you always wonder what they’re going to be like when you meet them and he didn’t disappoint at all. He’s a very humble man actually. So yeah, it was an exciting time.

It’s a drama but it is also very funny. It’s very well written. I think it’ll be quite an interesting movie.

Is there anything out there the movie compares to?
It’s always hard to tell. You read the script and you’re part of it but it’s always hard to tell what’s going to be the finished [product]. Sometimes you really don’t realize that until you see the final film. But I suppose you could compare it to “Catch Me If You Can.” And it is a true story. But I think it’s a kind of comedy as well.

Who is the director?
A guy called Brian Cook who is actually… this is his debut directing film but he was the 1st Assistant Director on all the Kubrick films – or most of them. Like the famous ones that we know, “The Shining,” “Clockwork Orange,” so he had a real insight into how the real Kubrick used to operate.

Did you pick his brain?
You know what? I really wanted to. I wanted to sit him down and quiz him but you’re there to work and everyone is really busy getting the job done they’re there to do, and being involved in making the film. I missed the wrap party because I’m out here so I guess now I’ll never find out. I’ll have to write him a long letter.

That must be interesting to be inside that guy’s head.
I bet he wouldn’t say anything, though. I bet he’d be very secretive about the Kubrick stuff out of respect to Kubrick.

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