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Interview with Chris Evans

"The Perfect Score"


Scarlett Johansson Chris Evans

Bryan Greenberg, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Evans in a scene from "The Perfect Score."

Paramount Pictures
How did you get into acting?
I went to New York the summer of my junior going into senior year. I just wrote a bunch of letters to casting agencies asking if they needed an intern. So I went and got a job getting coffee and answering phones and crap like that. By the end of the summer, from talking on the phone, I was pretty good friends with like two or three agents. I just kind of said, “Would you sign me?” and they said, “Sure.”

That sounds pretty simple.
It wasn’t simple. It was a terrible summer. I had no friends; I lived in Brooklyn in some piece of crap apartment. I worked for free and I got coffee. It was actually a bit of a bitch, but it paid off because I got my agent. I went back to finish my senior year. I graduated early in January to go back to New York. I got the same internship, but now I was auditioning. I just started auditioning and got lucky.

And after "The Perfect Score," you've been pretty busy. What was it like working on "Cellular?"
It was awesome. Whenever you get to work with talented people, people who are obviously better actors than you are, it’s the best way to get better. It forces you to step your game up. It’s kind of like going to acting class every day.

You also have “The Orphan King” coming up. Can you talk a little bit about that movie?
(Laughing). Yeah, I can. I’ll talk a lot about it. It’s this independent film I did over the summer. It’s got Alexis Bledel - who’s amazing – and Bill Pullman. It’s really low-budget, [with a] great, great script. [The] writer and director are the same guy. It’s a guy named Andrew Wilder. It’s essentially his story [about] a guy who grew up in New York. It’s really dark – drugs and sex and violence. It’ll probably be in festivals later on this year.

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