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"The Big Bounce" Movie Premiere Coverage

Interviews with the Cast of the Comedy/Heist Movie


Denise Richards Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen at the World Premiere of "The Big Bounce."

Photo By Rebecca Murray
Arm in arm with his very beautiful, very pregnant wife, Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen and his "The Big Bounce" co-stars turned up for the movie's World Premiere on a very chilly night in Los Angeles (some of that Hawaiian warmth from the film would have gone over well with the journalists huddled together lining the red carpet).

The cold air didn't stop Charlie Sheen and "The Big Bounce" star Sara Foster from answering a few questions about their roles in this caper movie, based on the novel by Elmore Leonard.


What made you want to get involved in the movie when you first read the script?
CHARLIE SHEEN: Well, I was the last guy onboard so I knew who had been cast ahead of me. That was pretty attractive to have a chance to work with this type of cast, this level of talent.

What was it like working with newcomer Sara Foster?
CHARLIE SHEEN: She was really good. I expected her to be asking a lot more questions and maybe looking for a little bit more input, based on the veteran strength that surrounded her. But she came in very confident, very prepared, and I was really impressed.

What is it that’s attractive about Elmore Leonard’s writing?
CHARLIE SHEEN: Damaged people.

What was the best part of shooting in Hawaii?
CHARLIE SHEEN: You know, I was pretty much just there working. There wasn’t a lot of free time. But it was a beautiful setting on the North Shore and they were paying us, so that’s pretty decent.

Has Denise been the 'big bounce' of your life?
CHARLIE SHEEN: Absolutely!
DENISE RICHARDS: He’s saying that because I’m here.
CHARLIE SHEEN: Even when you weren’t there I was saying that.

What's the secret to having such a sustained career in Hollywood?
CHARLIE SHEEN: A little bit of talent, a little bit of luck, and a lot of support. Anybody who has been in it for a while will tell you it’s got a lot of ups and downs. These days, thankfully, the downs aren’t as low as they used to be and the ups are pretty groovy. I just try to be, again, known more for my work than for anything else.

Have you had any strange cravings?
DENISE RICHARDS: I haven’t craved anything weird, just cereal. Lots of cereal.

What kind of cereal?
DENISE RICHARDS: I mix it up (laughing).

Has Charlie gained weight since you gained weight with the baby?
DENISE RICHARDS: He hasn’t gained a pound – not even an ounce.
CHARLIE SHEEN: Oh it fluctuates a little bit.

And totally off the subject, with the Oscars coming up soon, what’s been your favorite Oscar moment?
CHARLIE SHEEN: That Adrien Brody moment was pretty special last year - the initial win. When they were panning everybody I said, “My God, he’s the only one who hasn’t won.” And we both knew that it would happen. It was a magic moment.

SARA FOSTER ('Nancy'):

This is your starring role. What was your reaction when you saw yourself 18’ tall and sharing the screen with Morgan Freeman?
It’s surreal and daunting and all those things. I remember I was driving on Wilshire and I looked up and [the billboard] was there right in front of my face. It was very weird. I swerved a little bit.

So how exciting is it to be at the premiere of your first big movie?
(Laughing) I’ve invited most of my family to be here tonight to see the movie.

You star with some really great actors in this – Gary Sinise, Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman - did you ever catch yourself just soaking in the atmosphere of being on the set?
Oh absolutely. I would go down to the set even when I wasn’t even working to just sit there and watch them.

In keeping with the theme of this being a heist movie, have you ever stolen anything?
(Laughing) I have never stolen anything. Nothing, not in my whole life. I’m a real goodie-goodie.

What made you want to play this role?
It was so different from me in my own life. It was so fun to just juggle multiple boys and kind of have them all wrapped around my finger. That was nice. That so doesn’t happen in real life.

What is it about Elmore Leonard’s writing that makes it so attractive to you as an actor?
I think his writing speaks for itself. And look at the films that have been made from [his books like] “Get Shorty.” They’re incredible. He’s got such a style that’s so different from anybody else. He can make a caper film but be funny at the same time, which I love.

Morgan Freeman and Composer George S. Clinton / Special Premiere Guest Jeff Probst
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