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Marc Blucas Plays Against Type in "Prey for Rock & Roll"


Prey for Rock and Roll

Gina Gershon and Marc Blucas in "Prey for Rock & Roll."

Mac Releasing
Though his days as Sarah Michelle Gellar's boyfriend in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" are over, Marc Blucas still can't shake off the questions regarding his role on that cult fav. "That was a wonderful experience for me and a great initiation to the business," admits Blucas, adding, "It’s fun to be a part of a cult following that will stand the test of time."

With his high school quarterback good looks, Blucas often gets cast in squeaky clean roles. As 'Animal' in "Prey for Rock & Roll," Blucas breaks away from the boy-next-door character and goes for something grittier.

How long did it take to have all the body art applied to you for this film?
We were able to cheat most of it because I had a t-shirt on most of the time, and so those days we only had to draw [on the exposed areas]. We didn’t have to do the full thing. That was an hour and a half or two. Since there were a bunch of women in the makeup trailer getting all tattooed, I usually tried to extend that out a little bit. For the days where I had my shirt off, that was about a three or four hour process.

Were all of the tattoos fake?
Yes. There were a few integrations where people kept their real tattoos. I don’t know exactly what and where the girls' were, but I know a handful of them have them. I’m sure they used them in the movie. We were in there hours getting applications. It’s just a better version of the Cracker Jack tattoo. You wet it and slap it on.

Does it wash off?
Yes, it takes some scrubbing but they have an oil-based thing. Speaking frankly, like on Friday night when we’d wrap, they’d be like, "Hey dude, let's go wash this all out." I'm like, "I'm exhausted. I'll go home and I'll just take a shower and do it then." I’d leave it on for the weekend so I could kind of look tough (laughing). I'd go to the Post Office with a t-shirt on, ride around in the car - and it’s November and freezing - and you have the window down, and your arm out because you have a tattoo down your arm. When you get the opportunity to look like a tough guy, I guess you take it.

You got to see the two different sides of Gina Gershon - the producer side and the actress/singer side. Are there differences?
Actually, no, because the common denominator is professionalism. She carries both in that. She’s a very creative and talented individual - as is the rest of the cast. The days that I didn’t have any responsibility in terms of scenes and dialogue were kind of fun. I could go and be the roadie and the groupie, and just watch these guys perform. It was fun, I was a well-paid extra. Gina handled everything extremely well. There was never a power trip. There was never anything that I saw that made me think anything other than "There's a pro."

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