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Pierce Brosnan on "Laws of Attraction"


Pierce Brosnan Laws of Attraction

Pierce Brosnan stars in the romantic comedy, "Laws of Attraction."

New Line Cinema
Pierce Brosnan took a break from playing the suave, debonair James Bond to produce and star in the romantic comedy, "Laws of Attraction."

In "Laws of Attraction," Brosnan and Julianne Moore face off as divorce attorneys who find themselves drawn to each other, despite being bitter rivals in court. When you've got the good looks and charm of Brosnan, playing a life-long bachelor who's still hoping to fall in love with the right woman is a tough sale. But Brosnan was determined to change things up from his 'Bond' persona and with "Laws of Attraction," he found the perfect vehicle for playing a character who is less than perfect (insert your own lawyer joke here).


Does “Laws of Attraction” reflect the way you feel about Ireland?
Well, ultimately, at the end of the day, I thought that Ireland wove her magic around us and the film. It was a summer well spent for us all in making this film. Everybody had the most fabulous time there once you got over the anxiety of trying to pull off making a film in Ireland with a story set in New York. There are parts of the town, Dublin Town, restaurants and the brownstone, the old world aspect that lends itself to the story. Once you got over those anxieties, we had a great time doing it.

What makes Ireland so magical?
It comes with such a rich abundance of history and mystery to it all. It's the people, it's the romance of the landscape, it's the music, the drinking, the dance, the song, [and] always the drinking. Everybody goes there and thinks, “Well, we've got to have a pint of Guinness.” It's one of those places where it's okay to go to the pub and have a good time. I think that they have a sense of fun about themselves and about life. They love people, the Irish. They're very warm people.

Are you closer to the character of Daniel than to others you’ve played?
Well, not really. I mean, it's the advantage of having your own company where you can tailor make the part to fit you. He started out far more cynical than what you saw in the film. Peter Howitt brought a lot of heart to the piece, which it was in need of because it was very cynical. They were just at each other the whole time and it didn't make sense. But like I say, Peter brought his writing skills and his own acting skills and directing skills to it. Once we started hammering it out with him, we found much more of affability in the fellow.

And you’re also not a guy who runs from marriage.
Yes. That was always part of it, which was part of the appeal of it. It's a little bit more skewed. You don't see men in such a role as Daniel Rafferty, but I thought that for me, I could kind of identify with it. Not could, did identify with it. And really, my big notes were finding the heart of the character.

How did you accomplish that?
I'm a romantic. I love the romance of life, the romance of a good woman, and the great rush of falling in love. And then, how do you sustain that? Well, it's very difficult to sustain that. But it can be sustained, I think, through imagination and through perseverance and through respect of your partner.

How did your character get so far in life without being attached?
I think that his fears, really, had been some of the backbone of his character. Just the fear of really committing to someone. I think that Daniel probably came close very much in engagements, but never all the way to the altar. And you know, fear then comes from insecurity and insecurity, where does that come from? That comes from not thinking you're good enough or from thinking in your true heart that this could be the person.

Were Daniel’s eccentricities endearing?
I have kind of painted myself into a corner with suave, sophisticated, clean cut, blah, blah, blah - the ‘Bond’ mystique - and I just wanted to play a guy who was like an unmade bed like it says in the script, the line that we put in there, and that was a good line. I just wanted to not have to be cool, not have to be correct.

What did you discover about working with Julianne Moore?
What did I discover about her? Well, I already knew that she was a very fine actress. There were many ladies’ names on the page for this role, and one day I went in and her name was there and that was the name that made sense.

I like redheads. It's as simple as that. No. She's a very fine actress. She'd never done a comedy before and I believed that she and I could be funny together. And be it that I'd never really put myself out there in a comedy and “Mrs. Doubtfire” was a long time ago, but I've never played a leading role comedy.

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