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Nick Cannon and Christina Milian Star in "Love Don't Cost a Thing"

"Love Don't Cost a Thing" Movie Premiere Interviews


Love Don't Cost a Thing Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon and Christina Milian at the Premiere of "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

Photo By Rebecca Murray
Christina Milian and Nick Cannon pair up for "Love Don't Cost a Thing," a contemporary remake of the classic '80s teen movie, "Can't Buy Me Love." In this version, Cannon plays Alvin, an intelligent student who goes through high school pretty much unnoticed. Christina Milian co-stars as Paris, cheerleader/most popular girl in the school. When Paris is caught in a financial bind, Alvin steps forward with an offer she should - but can't - resist. In exchange for a hefty amount of cash, Paris agrees to make nerdy Alvin into one of the most sought after guys in school.

The two talented young actors joined their co-stars and special celebrity guests in Hollywood for the premiere of their new romantic comedy. Catching up with Nick Cannon and Christina Milian at the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" World Premiere, here's what they had to say about makeovers and working on "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

NICK CANNON ('Alvin'):

Christina Milian got to make you over. Did you want to make her over at all?
How could you make that over? You can’t mess with perfection.

Nerd or popular – what were you in high school?
I was a popular nerd.

How did you manage that?
You know what? I was a little guy. I was real small – I was like 75 pounds, 5’0, and just let my mouth win my friends. My mouth was my biggest asset. It was cool.

In this movie you get to work with Steve Harvey as your dad. Did he teach you anything on the set?
That was wonderful. Steve was teaching me something every minute. He’s a great mentor. He doesn’t hold his tongue. He says whatever he needs to say to make it happen.

I heard he was teaching you some bad habits. Smoking cigars…
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That really wasn’t for me (laughing). He smoked up the whole room a couple of times. But I taught him how to play dominos.

Besides dominos, do you have any other hidden talents?
I’m learning origami right now. I’m trying to get my paper-folding together. I sucked at in school so now I’m like, “Maybe I’m going to give it one more shot.” I got an origami book.

And you’re also working on a voice for the “Garfield” movie right now?
Yeah, I’m Louis the Mouse with Bill Murray. It’s real cool to be able to do that.

Are you still filming that?
I believe I’m finished now. You have to go back a few times, but I think I went back for the last time and did the last take. It was fun. I can’t wait for that film to come out.

How close is the mouse voice to your own voice?
It’s very close because my voice screeches and shrieks already, so I didn’t have to do too much more (laughing).


You’re already an accomplished dancer so how tough was it to prepare for the big cheerleading/dance scene in “Love Don’t Cost a Thing?”
It wasn’t that hard. I totally enjoyed it. I play a cheerleader in the movie and I always wanted to be a cheerleader, dancing all around. That was my favorite part of the movie, doing the cheerleading thing. I was like, “The girls are going to love this. This is going to be so cute.” They played it in the commercial and I was psyched. I can’t wait to see it in the movie.

What was it like making over Nick Cannon?
Making Nick over was fun. I got to pluck his eyebrows. It was one of the first scenes in the movie that was shot so Nick was all dorky and stuff. I just had a good time with him. It was a lot of fun doing the whole makeover.

Speaking of makeovers, how long have you had lighter hair? It looks great.
I lightened my hair over the summer so I’ve had it for a good six months now. I kind of wanted to change becausee I have two movies that are coming out with the dark hair and the same look. Even with my music, I always keep the same look. I just wanted a change.

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