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Interview with Kate Winslet

Starring in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"


Kate Winslet Eternal Sunshine Spotless

Kate Winslet stars in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

Focus Features
Do you relate more to the flawed character in "Eternal Sunshine of teh Spotless Mind" than the idealized one of “Titanic?”
I do, actually. I really do because to me, the relationship between Joel and Clementine is incredibly real. I think that’s what Charlie Kaufman does that is so incredibly brilliant is that he actually creates these very simple stories and then tells them in a very unorthodox way. But yeah, to me, their relationship is profoundly honest and true to life. In no relationship can you possibly live every day at a fever pitch as though it’s the first day that you’ve met. Reality isn’t like that and the best relationships in the world are successful precisely because you take the rough with the smooth and learn how to be honest with your partner and to confront things. And that was what I loved about these people.

Is it ironic that it’s your most humorous role, against Jim Carrey in the Kate Winslet role?
Yes, absolutely. I mean, I really had the Jim Carrey part and that was pretty terrifying, to be honest, at first. I was like, “I’ve got to be the funny one. Oh no. How on earth am I going to do that?” So yeah, I was very nervous walking into it, but I like that fear. That stage fright is often one of the best things and I didn’t preplan too much of it either. With the more kind of romanticized period pieces that I have been doing, more classical parts, you really have to prepare for something like that. Like “Enigma,” you do. You have to concentrate so much on the period and certainly with “Enigma,” we learned how to use Enigma machines. There’s so much preparation that goes into those types of films and with this one, I just thought, “My God, I have to leave it all to chance. I have to know who she is.”

Is she like you?
I’m a relatively impulsive person, yes. I mean, not when it comes to relationships but certainly in terms of day-to-day life. For example, I might wake up in the morning knowing that I’ve got a couple of meetings and a script to read and get my daughter to nursery school and take her to the park in the afternoon, and I might just turn around to my little girl and say, “Look, the sky is blue. Let’s just go to beach. Or let’s just go to the aquarium.” You know, just suddenly change everything in the last minute. Or even just saying, “Hell, we’re not doing much for the next week. Let’s just go to Connecticut,” or wherever it might be. So there was actually a lot of me in Clementine. And hell, you know, I don’t wear corsets every day, I wear jeans, so it was a lot more comfortable just in a practical way for me to be her to the point where I had so much fun that I put my own clothes on at the end I went, “Oh, back to boring old me again, you know, all my black that I wear.” And I really seriously considered dying my hair red after we finished the shoot because it was just so much fun to be something different for a while.

But isn’t it nice to be back to your normal hair color?
Yeah, but I was in my normal hair color every day because they were wigs. But they were clearly pretty convincing ones because everyone says to me, “So how did your hair hold up?” I was really up for dying my hair all those different colors but, you know, a movie is shot out of sequence so literally some days I would start with red and then by lunch time I would be blue, and then the afternoon I’d be going back to red again. So we had to have wigs, but they were such incredible wigs. Even I’d be up close to the mirror going cross-eyed going, “How is that possible?”

Which was your favorite?
I really loved the red. I don't know why, just I loved that red wig and loved having red hair. It was great fun.

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