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"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" DVD Review

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"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" DVD

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment

The Bottom Line

The critically acclaimed movie "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" comes to DVD with an amazing assortment of bonus features - more than are normally included with indie films.
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  • One of the best coming-of-age films in years
  • Outstanding performances by young up-and-comers
  • Great collection of bonus features


  • None worth noting


  • "Sundance Channel Presents: Anatomy of a Scene" - In-depth look at one of the most emotional scenes
  • Animated Scenes - Behind-the-scenes look at the dynamics and reasoning behind the animated scenes
  • Four deleted/extended scenes
  • Gallery of animated stills from the film
  • Production Notes
  • Biographies of the cast and crew
  • Untitled Featurette - Learn more about the making of the film
  • Interviews with Emile Hirsch, Jena Malone, Kieran Culkin, Peter Care, Todd McFarlane and Jody Foster
  • Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots
  • Special DVD-Rom content

Guide Review - "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" DVD Review

This is one of my personal favorites of 2002. "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" is an original coming-of-age tale featuring a young cast of talented actors who completely capture the rebellion of youth and angst associated with growing up.

Newcomer Emile Hirsch stars as Francis, an artist with a flair for drawing comics. Kieran Culkin co-stars as his best friend and confidante, Tim. Causing trouble is their way of dealing with life, and the main target of their exploits is one-legged teacher, Sister Assumpta (Jodie Foster). The boys plan to undertake the ultimate prank - unleashing a cougar in Sister Assumpta's office - leads to a series of life-changing events that will alter the course of their lives.

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