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Vincenzo Natali Interview - Splice

By April 7, 2010

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Writer/director Vincenzo Natali worked on the sci fi thriller Splice for 12 years, sticking with it through the highs and lows. And at the 2010 WonderCon, Natali told me why he felt compelled to bring this story to the screen. "It's material that has tremendous personal meaning to me, strangely enough," explained Natali. "I mean, it's a creature movie, but it's a creature film spliced with a relationship story. And so it's more than just about monsters jumping out of shadows. In fact, it's not about that at all. It really is about the relationship that the scientists have with the creature that they make. And it's a relationship that becomes quite complex."

And sticking with Splice paid off big time for Natali. His film was one of the big hits at the Sundance Film Festival, with the audience response prompting Joel Silver and Warner Bros to pick up the film for distribution.

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